Moe Espandiari, My Healing Cocoon
Moe Espandiari

MyHealingCocoon is an alchemical space created with love and passion. It is a space to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to create a warm and loving cocoon for your healing transformation.

Moe is a holistic lifestyle and health educator/coach, stress management expert, and eclectic researcher with expertise in mind, body, spirit, and environment. His role as a mentor is to guide and inspire you in your healing journey. He is a self-educated individual, contemplative thinker, writer, photographer, experiencer and researcher in the fields of holistic health and healing. In his continuous passionate research, he finds powerful ways to create a transformative healing cocoon for the deep healing to take place. Healing is a journey and Moe has many therapeutic tools to make the healing journey safer, easier and deeper for his clients. His knowledge comes out of his own ongoing personal transformation, teachers, experiences and his constant self-education. He has studied with many prominent teachers in different healing fields. His intention is to share his knowledge so anyone can create a healing cocoon for themselves. Moe is on a psycho-spiritual path going deep into his lights and shadows.


His interests are:


  • Health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental.

  • Meditation, deep relaxation, contemplation, spirituality, self-discovery, philosophy, mysticism, consciousness, neuroscience, stress management.

  • Psychology, energy psychology, PsychoNeuroImmunology, trauma and shadow work, dream work, addiction and recovery, psycho-spiritual alchemy, childhood trauma healing, inter-generational healing, group field healing work.

  • Creativity and problem solving, biohacking, contemplative photography.

  • Healing Water, Eastern and Western traditional medicines, tonic herbalism, essential oils.

  • Subtle energies: Biogeometry, energy medicine, energy healing such as pranic healing, eden energy medicine.

  • Health technologies: PhotoBioModulation, Magnetism, Electro-Medicine, PEMF, Subtle Energy Devices, and many other health technologies.


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