Benefits of drinking Structured Water?

Strcutured water Mandala, Water Mandala
  • Stress reduction

  • Cellular hydration

  • Increases immunity

  • More bio-photon energy

  • Oxygenates the blood

  • Healthier hair and skin

  • Better nutrient absorption

  • Freedom from energetic toxicity

  • Promotes homoeostasis (state of balance)

  • Reduces calcification in human body and water pipes

  • Detoxification and the elimination of pathogens and toxins

  • Helps to balance chakras and pulse and helps to ground individuals

  • Protection against EMF radiation to some extent, according to inventor Clayton Nolte and the research of Dr. Magda Havas

  • In agriculture, healthier, stronger crops, trees, flowers, grass, fruits, and vegetables

  • Many more benefits yet to be discovered

Structured water can increase the absorption of medication and supplements dramatically. Please consult your health care practitioner if you are taking any medication, supplements or have some health concerns.

Why is Drinking Structured Water Important?

In order to be life-enhancing, water needs to be clean physically and energetically, and it needs to be energized. Although filtration systems can remove the physical toxins to some extent, they do not remove the energetic toxins in the water. The energetic toxins stay in the structure of the water as information and the body reacts to these energetic toxins and becomes weaken. Structuring our water after filtration erases the negative energetic imprints and makes the water life-enhancing and energized. This type of structured water is great for cellular hydration.

What Pollutes and De-structures Water?

Strong negative emotions:

Strong negative emotions such as rage and hatred imprint the water in our body and the environment with negative vibrations, de-structuring the water. As a result, we can become ill over time. But positivity structure the water inside the body with positive vibrations and we become a vessel for harmony and peace.

strong negative emotion

Negative emotion

As argued by Dr. Konstantine Korotkov, professor of biophysicist, the energy of water is very important. If you have a glass of water, it is influenced by everything around it and the most powerful one is human emotion.

EMF/EMR radiations:

Unhealthy radiations coming from electronics such as cell phones, electricity, Wi-Fi, etc. are very harmful to humans and water reacts strongly to these detrimental vibrations. These radiations de-structure the water and make it very hard.

Toxic chemicals:

Chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, and many other chemicals pollute the water physically and energetically.

EMF Radiations

toxic chemical, toxic water

Toxic chemicals

Chaotic environment:

Any chaotic environments, from too much noise and sound pollution to artificial lighting, de-structure water.

chaotic environment de-structure the water

Chaotic environment

Victor Schauberger understood water as a living organism that carries information and nourishment. He believed that the degeneration of our society comes from mistreatment of water.


As Geneticist Dr. Mae Wan Ho has said, molecules use electromagnetic frequencies based on a coherent resonance to communicate with each other. Man-made electromagnetic forces such as cell phone towers and electricity create chaotic communications, and the cells start resonating with chaotic energy.

How to structure water

Author: Moe Espandiari

Art Director: Shirin Divanbeigi