How to Structure Water
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One way is to find a safe spring water close to you. Spring water needs to be free from toxins, bacteria, and certified by the city. Not all spring water is healthy. Water expert Daniel Vitalis has created an online resource to find spring water all around the world.


If you don’t have access to spring water or don’t have time, you can still benefit from drinking high quality water right in your home. We can work with whatever water we have to make it healthier and energized.


Not all structured water is the same and some methods create more energy than others. Some methods create structured water instantly and others take hours or days.

There are numerous ways to structure water but to make the most powerful full spectrum living structured water, incorporate magnetism, light specially infrared spectrum, sound, re-mineralization, crystals, Earth’s Schumann Resonance frequencies, and other forms of subtle energies such as intention and prayer.


Vortexing water creates spiral movement and is one of the primary and most potent methods to create structured water. Vortexing mimics nature’s spiral movement and can produce amazing results.


You can vortex water manually by hand or by tools. Stirring water counter-clockwise and clockwise several minutes each will help to structure water. Structuring devices can do a better job at structuring water. 

Water Vortex

Some of my favorite tools are:

Waterfall Portable Structuring unit:

This gorgeous portable unit combines many natural elements from nature such as vortices, clay, paramagnetic sand, quartz crystals and golden ratio design to create a fabulous structured water.


Vortexing devices such as DUET Water Revitalizer produces high-energy EZ structured water according to the research. If you do not have the time to manually vortex water for several minutes, Duet vitalizer automates the process for you and incorporates natural elements of magnetism, far infrared, remineralization, and vortexing.

Water loses its structure depending on how toxic the environment is physically and energetically. It’s a good practice to drink structured water right away or to keep it in a special clay or glass egg-shaped vessel and high vibration environment.

Some Ways to Use Structured Water:

Healing Shower
  • First thing in the morning and throughout the day, drinking room-temperature structured water with lemon gives you energy and helps with detoxification.

  • Before meditation or any healing treatment, drinking a glass of structured water dramatically increases the healing capacity of the body and brings more focus to your spiritual practice.


  • Before a group meditation or group therapy, invite everyone to drink a glass of structured water. This will raise the energy and consciousness of the group, which is great for group healing. This phenomenon is called the group field effect.

  • Before communicating with someone, drinking a glass of structured water calms and grounds you for better conflict resolution.


  • If you’re around negative people or places, you can collect negative energetic debris on your energy field and taking a structured water shower or soaking in a salt bath will cleanse you energetically. It’s also very relaxing and energizing.

  • Swimming in a structured water pool is deeply rejuvenating and energizing.


  • Cooking with structured water and soaking your fruits and veggies in structured water brings them more coherent energy.


Structured Water pool, Healing Pool
  • Structure all the liquid you drink, from wine, water, and juices to kambucha, with a portable structuring unit or stir the liquid counter-clockwise and clockwise for several minutes..


  • Structured water spray bottle:

Structured Water Spray Bottle, Healing Spray Bottle

Spray where you sit and sleep, your energy field, and on your food - especially restaurant food - to clear the energetic debris and add beneficial subtle energies. 
Tim Toula, a researcher at the Natural Action Technology Inc., claims that the pulse becomes balanced after eating foods spray with structured water.

  • Having a pitcher of structured water in your environment can raise the energy of your space. It can contribute to the positive energy of the place but it can also pick up negative information if the place is too toxic.

Inhaling Structured Air

Through a portable structuring unit:

Purchase a portable structuring unit such as Natural Action Technologies portable unit and breathe in and out through it.


Through an ultrasonic humidifier/diffuser:

Use structured water in your ultrasonic humidifier or diffuser. The air you breathe will be structured air, which is very energized and healing. It charges up the air molecules with structured, humidified moisture. It raises the energy of your home and in return cleanses the space from negative energies. It will also bring the water element into your sacred space.


Adding several drops of a pure essential oil of your choice, such as lemon oil, will cleanse the air from pathogens, microbes, and viruses.

Healing Humidifier, Structured Humidified Air

During travel:

  • Spray the hotel bed and sofa with structured water. You can add several drops of lemon essential oils to disinfect the surfaces physically and energetically.


Access to healthy food and drink is often limited during travel. By structuring the liquid you drink and spraying your food with structured water, you will add coherent energy to your liquids and foods.

A Qi-building Bath:

Qi Bath, Healing Bath, Energizing Bath, Jing Bath, Loving Bath

One of the most potent ways to recharge yourself is to bathe in structured water bath. I call it a Qi-building bath. It gives you tremendous bio-photon energy. After a stressful depleting day, recharge, and rejuvenate yourself with a warm structured bath.


Qi-building bath recipe:

  • Fill up the bathtub with comfortably warm or hot structured water. A structuring unit installed in the shower or using a portable structuring unit can structure the bath water.


  • Add 1-2 cups of Dead Sea salt or magnesium flakes + 1-2 cups of baking soda. Magnesium is an amazing mineral for relaxation and baking soda raises the body’s ph level and cleanses the energy bodies. Combined, they create a powerful cleansing and rejuvenation effect on the physical and energetic bodies.


  • Shut off the light and close the door. Light a beeswax candle and put on relaxing music or stay silent.


  • Set an intention and soak in this gentle, warm healing water for 20-40min. Start slow and gradually increase your time.


  • If at any moment you are uncomfortable, leave the bathtub. Drain the water, imagining all the stresses and traumas being drained out of your body as well.


  • Last but not least, thank the water for the healing.

What is Programmed Structured Water?

Programming is another aspect of healing that we can add to structured water. Programming allows to add specific instructions for specific tasks to the structured water. This programming stays in the structure of water. Water wizard MJ Pangman asserts that there are many ways to program your water. One way to program structured water is through focused intention and prayer. History is full of stories of healers/shamans praying to water and giving the blessed water to a patient who would be miraculously healed. Healers would simply program the water with their high state of consciousness for healing purposes.

Dr. Emotto’s work is based on the same concept that the environmental influences program the water. When the positive emotions of love & gratitude were shown to water, the crystal structure was beautifully formed. When shown the negative emotion of hatred, deformed and ugly water crystals would show up. 

Dr. Emotto Love and Gratitude water crystal

Love and Gratitude

Dr. Emotto You Fool water crystal

You Fool

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, PhD, tells us that water will hold the frequency or vibration of a substance that has been placed in it even after the substance has been removed. In other words, there is a lasting effect when water is influenced with any form of energy, and water has the ability to carry this energy for prolonged periods of time.


Programming water can also structure it but it may take a lot longer to structure water with intention than vortexing, light and magnetism. I recommend structuring first then programming for better result.

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Ways to program structured water

Intention and prayer:

  • Stay still and bring a glass of structured water to your heart and pray to it.  Thank the water for the healing, and drink it.

  • Speaking to the Water


  • Write down your intention or prayer on a piece of paper and put a glass of structured water on top of it the whole night. Drink it the next morning.

Sound and music:

Have a bottle of water in close proximity to a source of classical music or nature sounds.


Intuitively pick a crystal that you’re attracted to and put it by the water pitcher for 24 hours. This will infuse the energy of the crystal into the water. The crystal should be pure, of high quality, and cleansed. Crystals can absorb toxic information like water and they need to be cleansed periodically. Bigger crystals have more influence on the water.

crystals structure water, Healing Crystals

The effect of programming on water depends on your level of consciousness. The higher level of consciousness we attain, the stronger the effect of programming the water will be. Work with intentions and subtle energies takes time and needs repetition and patience.

Structured water can hold infinite programs and information, and can resist negative influences to some extent. Structured water is coherent and balanced.

Tips on protecting structured water:

Eggshape container - My Healing Cocoon.j

Structured water is easily influenced by its surroundings. Water is a living entity and taking care of it is important. 


As Dr. Kostsntine Korotkov has said, we need to treat our water like an expensive vine. After we structure and program the water, we need to make sure it stays energized and protected. We can drink it right away if the environment is too toxic or we can keep it in a special container.

  • Keep structured water in a shape that is designed to create spiral movement, such as a clay or glass egg-shaped pitcher or an Aladdin Carafe.


  • Keep structured water away from direct harsh sunlight for a long period of time. UV light destructures water. Keep it in a darker, cooler place/container. Miron glass is a good choice. 


  • Keep water away from huge sources of electro magnetic radiation such as cell phones, fridges, Wi-Fi and TVs.


  • Surround your water pitcher with a Tensor ring. A Tensor ring creates an energetic protection around the structured water.


The Oxygen-17 NMR, Raman Spectroscopy, UV Spectroscopy, Bio-impedance tests, electro-photonic GDV camera, live blood microscopy, heart rate variability, kinesiology muscle testing, and the oriental method of pulse testing all show that drinking structured water makes the body more coherent, stronger, and healthier.


Structured water is supremely healthy water and by drinking it and bathing in it on a daily basis, we move towards homeostasis, a state of balance. Water plays a very important role in our physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health. The chemistry, energy, and memory/information of water are all important. There is much more to be discovered about the mystery of water.


Please refer to the research section of this website for some scientific papers or video section for more education regarding the effects of structured water.


Writer: Moe Espandiari

Art Director: Shirin Divanbeigi