How Intentions can Change the Physical Properties of your Water

Meditative intention

Dr. Glen Rein, working with Dr. Leonard Laskow, M.D., conducted an experiment: different intentions were imprinted into water during deep meditative states and the imprinted water was exposed to the cell culture. They found that water treated with loving intention had a healing biological effect.

Water carries information in its molecular structure and intention is one form of information that can be imprinted into water. If you want to increase the power of your intention, couple your intention with a focused emotion.

Conclusions of Dr. Glen Rein's Research:

  • Healing intention can directly affect tumor cells

  • Healing effects are mediated by water

  • Intention can be stored in water and read (over 24hr) by cells

Intention Affects Water:

Dr. Glen Rein Speaks About How Consciousness Affects DNA and Water:

As positive emotions can have a healing biological effect, negative emotions can also have a destructive effect. Dr. Emotto’s work is based on the concept that the environment influences the water. When the water was exposed to the positive emotions such as love and gratitude, the crystal structure was beautifully formed. When presented to the negative emotion of hatred, deformed and ugly water crystals appeared.

Dr Masaru Emoto's Water Experiments:

As argued by Dr. Konstantine Korotkov, a professor of biophysics, the energy of water is very important. If you have a glass of water, it is influenced by everything around it and the most powerful one is human emotion. What we think and feel condition the space around us especially water.

To learn more about structured water, refer to the article: The Healing Power of Structured Water.

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