The Four Constituents of Well-Being


There are 4 neuro scientifically validated pillars to well-being that everyone can cultivate as a skill according to neuroscientist Richard Davidson.

These 4 Pillars of well-being are:

1 - Resilience:

Mindfullness Meditation can activate resilience brain circuit. The only issue is it takes many many hours of practice.

2 - Positive outlook:

Compassion Meditation can quickly alter the neuro circuit responsible for having positive outlook.

3 - Attention training:

The quality of your attention is very important. Mindfullness meditation can bring quality to our attention. A wondering mind is an unhappy mind. We need a qualitative attention for productivity, being present, deep listening and many more.

Your focus determines your reality.

4 - Generosity and Altruism:

When Gandhi was asked why you are serving people so much? He said "I don't help people. I help myself by serving people." Selfless service affects our mood, changes our brain and help us see we're all in the same boat and we all need each other to thrive.

The Four Constituents of Well-Being: Neuroscientist Richard Davidson

Richard Davidson's website:

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