Can Water Really Store Information?

Professor Laureate Luc Montagnier M.D. is a Nobel Prize Laureate that proved scientifically that water stores information. His study was replicated in other labs around the world. He is not the first scientist that proved water has memory. Jacques Benveniste "French Immunologist" also showed scientifically that water has memory but his work was ridiculed by the scientific community. In an experiment, Luc Montagnier was able to record the electromagnetic signature of a virus digitally as a wave file and emailed it to a distant lab. The virus DNA was reconstituted in a glass of pure water from the electromagnetic signature that was captured. He should have been given another Nobel Prize for this paradigm shift experiment but he faces tremendous resistance from the scientific community calling his work pseudoscience.

Human mind does not like change and science although is supposed to be objective is ruled by human mind.

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