Videos and Images on Structured Water 

Live Blood Analysis:

There is a significant difference in the blood 5 minutes after drinking structured water. This video also shows the tremendous electrical charge, or Qi, around each red blood cell, which is increased and built up by drinking structured water. Stronger Qi in Chinese medicine is correlated with a healthier person.

Energy of structured water:

When a Natural Action Technology vortexing device is used to structure water, there is a dramatic increase in the energy of the water.

Energy Field before and after drinking structurred water:

A GDV Device shows that in less than 5 minutes, tap water that has been structured creates a significant shift in the energy field of a 83 year-old woman. In picture 4, the blank spots are all but gone and her energy field is much smoother and has fewer spikes. These are the immediate benefits of a Natural Action Technologies unit.


Effect of structured water on energy field

Charkas reliagned after drinking strcutured sport drink:

The pictures below show the effect of a structured sport drink on a 33 year-old male. His chakras have been realigned.

Effect of structured water on chakras

Image 1. GDV Chakra Before  Testing. Male, 33 

Effect of structured water on chakras

Image 2. GDV Chakra. Male, 33, 

after unstructured Sports Drink 1Oz.

Effect of structured water on chakras

Image 3. GDV Chakra. Male,

33 After Structured Sports Drink

Structured water hydrogen bond angle

Removal of energetic toxins from strcutured water:

An independent study conducted for Natural Action Technology Inc. shows significant energy in water treated by a Natural Action Technology unit. The study shows no signs of any 90-degree angular structures, which would represent toxic substances.

The memory of water:
Aerospace University of Stuttgart in Germany:

Professor Dr. Bernd Kröplin and his colleagues at the Aerospace Institute of Stuttgart confirm that water retains memory and information. According to these professors, water is like a liquid tape recorder.

The memory of water:
Jacques Benveniste, French Immunologist:

Jacques Benveniste proved conclusively the existence of water memory and the mechanism of homeopathy. His research has been repeated in different labs around the world. Unfortunately, his findings were suppressed and taunted.

Consciousness, DNA and Water by Dr. Glen Rein:

According to Dr. Glen Rein, conscious intention can change the physical properties of water.


Sound vibration and water:

Sonic water.

Sonic water is based on the science of cymatics. Cymatics is the visual expression of sound vibration on sand or water. When a sound vibrates through sand or water, the water or sand forms a beautiful visual structure.

Physicist Nassim Haramein: 

Water, Biology and Consciousness

Structured water as an information storage device:

According to Scientist Marcel Vogel, structured water is an information-storage device and water is the medicine of the future.

He also believes that structured water is liquid crystal and has vitality.

The significance of liquid crystalline water by researcher MJ Pangman:

In this video, author and water researcher MJ Pangman discusses the significance of liquid crystalline water.

How the frozen water crystals are photographed by Dr. Emotto:

Dr. Emotto's work is based on the premise that water has memory and is influenced by its surroundings. Through decades of research and observation, he has noticed that different parts of the world have different water structures based on their environments.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp:
Structured water has high levels of bio-photon energy.


Biological cells are filled with ordered water by Dr. Gerald Pollack:

Biological cells are filled with ordered EZ water. This ordered water is negatively charged.

Scientific Effect of Structured Water on Plant Growth and Metabolism by Dr. Glen Rein

Structured Water: Health, DNA, and Consciousness by Dr. Carly Nuday

Professor Bernd Kroeplin

Water research Germany

Water has memory

Nobel Prize winner Laureate Luc Montagnier proofed scientifically that water stores information and has memory

Scientist and Researcher: John Stuart Reid

The Holographic Properties of Water

Scientific papers and resources

Author: Moe Espandiari

Artist: Shirin Divanbeigi