What is Structured Water?

Structured water vortices

Water is a mystery and many things are yet to be learned about water. Life depends on water and we cannot survive without it. Human bodies are 75%-90% water and the quality of water we drink and bathe in has a direct effect on our physiology, psyche, and day-to-day functions. High quality water is needed for the health of the planet and all species living in it. We evolved from the ocean and are connected to the ocean one way or another. Every living being is a container of water.

The water we drink goes to our blood very quickly, and blood is vital to our entire health. If we drink high-quality water, the state of our blood becomes healthier and if we drink low-quality water, our blood becomes unhealthy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is said that blood needs energy or Qi to flow freely without stagnation and high-quality structured water has tremendous energy. Drinking high quality structured water helps with blood circulation.

Structured water vortices
Structured water, water bottle

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D., the author of the book Your Body's Many Cries for Water, most people are chronically dehydrated and most illnesses can be eradicated by drinking enough water. But the quality of water we drink is also vital. Science knows a lot about water’s chemical composition, H2O, but we don’t know much about other aspects of water, such as its structure or energetic qualities. There’s a new evolving science of water emerging that studies how water is capable of storing, amplifying, and transmitting subtle energetic information. Water can absorb beneficial or detrimental energies from the environment.

"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. " Lao Tzu

Structured water is a type of high-quality water with an organized and ordered molecular structure. When water molecules join together, they create water clustering and these clusters work as memory cells and record information.

A good example of molecular structure is the difference between graphite and diamond. They both are carbon and have the same chemical structure but the structure of graphite is disorganized and chaotic compare to diamond, which is highly structured and ordered. Tap water has a disorganized structure and structured water is highly coherent and organized.

Organized structured water molecules

Structured, organized water molecules

De-structured water molecules

De-structured water molecules.

In 1974, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp proved every living being emits bio-photon light energy, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Cells use bio-photon energy for cellular communication. More bio-photon light energy makes an organism healthier. Unfortunately, we do not live in a bio-photon-rich environment anymore. Structured water is one powerful way to enrich the body with bio-photon energy and can make up for the deficit.

One reason that we may feel dehydrated is that the water we drink is not structured. Unstructured water is not easily absorbed in to the cells. The body wastes energy to convert the unstructured water to structured water for cellular hydration.

Other names that have been used for structured water are: clustered water, ordered water, organized water, hexagonal water, liquid crystalline water, liquid crystal, healing water, sacred water, full spectrum living water, gel water, 4th phase of water, and EZ (Exclusion Zone) water.

Structured (Hexagonal) water represents the life force of Mother Nature. And loss of structured water shows that the water lost its life force energetically.

Full spectrum living strcutured water

full-spectrum living water

MJ Pangman, researcher and author of the book Dancing with Water, claims that water needs several natural elements such as spiral movement, electromagnetic fields, sunlight, minerals, and sound (nature’s music) to be full-spectrum living water. All of these elements combined create powerful living water that is called structured water.


The structure of water is also influenced by many things such as air, light, darkness, subtle energies, EMF, etc. Living water in nature is always in constant spiral movement, which makes it structured. But the water in our pipes has almost zero energy because there is no spiral movement and harsh chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride are added to the water. Water should be filtered then restructured to regain its vital energy before consumption.


Dr. Mae Wan Ho tells us that all the molecules of structured water are coherent and by drinking structured water we become more coherent as an organism and are less likely be affected by negative energies around.

Where do we see energized structured water?

Spring water:

Spring water is one example of structured water.



Waterfalls have all the natural elements to make powerful living water. One powerful waterfall is Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls was a sacred place of healing and worship for indigenous people. They would set an intention and pray by the falls.

structured water in nature, healing river

Whoever has gone to Niagara Falls is at awe of its power, sacredness, and beauty.

Sacred sites/ wells:
Wells around sacred sites or places of worship have structured water because of the healing energy of the location and all the prayers, intentions, and meditations done around the place.

Healing hot springs are structured mineralized healing water

Hot springs:
Healing hot springs around the world are structured water with different mineral compositions that are infused with the healing energies of the place.

Amniotic fluid:
Notice how a pregnant women's belly is egg-shaped. Natural scientist Viktor Schauberger, argues that the egg shape creates movement in water, which creates healing structured water. Fetus is bathed and nourished in mother's womb, which is highly structured water. When a mother sings to her fetus, the vibration of her voice imprints the amniotic fluid and as a result the healing voice of the mother programs the fetus. It is very important for the mother to be in a positive relaxed state and sing to her fetus.

Amniotic fluid is structured water

Intracellular water:
Dr. Gerald Pollack, author of the book The Fourth Phase of Water, observes that the water inside the cells (intracellular water) is structured water. Healthy cells are surrounded by structured water and unhealthy cells are surrounded by unstructured water. The water in each of the cells achieves its ordered structure from energy obtained from the environment, typically in the form of electromagnetic radiation, including sunlight, especially in the infrared spectrum.

What is healing water?

Healing Water, Structured Water

Healing water is a type of water that has been used in ancient traditions and healing in different cultures for thousands of years. Healing water is a type of structured water that is free from physical and energetic toxins. It is mineralized, structured, energized, and encoded with healing energies of prayers, intentions, and chantings.

The role of Healing Water in Ancient Spiritual Traditions and Sacred Sites:

Sacred Water.jpg

Sacred Water

In many ancient civilizations, water was a sacred substance linked to spiritual dimensions. Water has been used in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years for purification, cleansing, and healing.

Water in sacred site is very different than normal tap water. It is highly charged with bio-photon energies, oxygen, molecular hydrogen and is filled with subtle healing energies. When we drink or bathe in water from sacred or highly energized sites, we infuse our body with all the sacred energies of the place. This healing water goes into our body and activates the healing response at many levels.


Many sacred sites are located above or beside a body of water. Water is the foundation for every temple.

water vortices

Water is the lifeblood of the Earth and this lifeblood is energized by the spiritual energetic qualities of the temples and sacred sites all around the world.


In Indigenous culture and Shamanic traditions, water element is sacred and alive, and must be treated with respect.

The Ganges River has been famous as a holy place for its healing water for thousands of years. Hindus would use this scared river for spiritual healing. Unfortunately, many of these holy wells and rivers have been contaminated with toxic pollutant and no longer safe to drink or bath in.

Energy/Qi of Water:

Another aspect of water that is important is its Energy/Qi, or life force. Structured water has lots of life force energy. Stagnant water such as pond water because of no movement has no life force and is a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. Most water in the market is unstructured and does not have energy. Tap water, bottled water, reverse osmosis water, and distilled water have almost no energy.

Tap water has no energy

Tap water has no energy because the city exposes the water to harsh chemicals and the city water is stagnant and goes through usually 90-degree pipes with no spiral movement. The GDV device has demonstrated that by the time tap water reaches our home, it has almost no energy.

Bottled water also has no energy. Plastic bottles usually sit in a factory, sometimes for months, and the water becomes stagnant with no movement. Water with no movement has no energy. Plastic bottles, which are also harmful for the environment, they leach harmful chemicals in to the water and create all sorts of hormone disruptions for humans and other species.


Structured water bottle

Distilled or reverse osmosis water are more examples of water with little or no energy since water needs minerals in order to be conductive and to create life force. RO or distilled water is hungry water because it lacks minerals and structure.

Memory of Water:

Water has memory, water memory

Professor Bernd Kröplin and his colleagues at the Aerospace University of Stuttgart confirm that water retains memory and information. According to these professors, water is like a liquid tape recorder. It is capable of holding, storing, and transmitting information. Depending on the energetic quality of the environment, water can record beneficial or detrimental information.

French scientist and researcher Jacques Benveniste proved the existence of memory in the water. His research was repeated in different labs around the world but unfortunately it was suppressed and laughed at.

Structured water is a liquid

tape recorder.

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